A Letter from an MGRA member

While we work voluntarily on many issues to do with the estate and there are many issues of concern for our residents, we are always grateful to receive positive letters with ideas such as the one below! We will review the idea of the bulbs in our committee meeting.

Dear MGRA Committee Members

Butterfly Project:

I am writing to say that as one of your neighbours in Marley Grange, I was most impressed by the Butterfly Project. What a wonderful idea and to see the colourful large posters at the entrance to Llewellyn estate. It enlightens the encourages all of us to think more about nature and more importantly to nurture our young people in our community. Thank you to all involved in this new project and well done.


I was also delighted to see a defibrillator donated from our funds to our community something that is useful if required for each and everyone and could help to save a life – a very good practical gift for the common good.

Spring Bulbs:
May I make a suggestion that MGRA purchase some spring bulbs – daffodils and give each household in our community a number of these bulbs to plant around the trees outside their homes. 

For the less able bodies and elderly in our neighbourhood, I suggest that each able bodied neighbour help them to plan same so that we have a colourful estate in the spring but much more importantly it would also help each and everyone in our community to get to know each other better. Two people from each road could organise and help with the distribution of these bulbs.

Wishing you continued success in helping our community to flourish.

Your sincerely,

Ann C