Bus Network Redesign

Most of our residents will have received literature on the proposed redesign of the Dublin Bus Network, which is due to come into force in 2020. This will impact the existing bus routes serving Marley Grange and surrounding areas. Details have been issued by the National Transport authority and more information about the proposed changes are available¬†here. A public consultation process is currently underway until 28th September. To have your say, please complete the NTA’s online survey found here¬†or submit comments in writing to consultations@busconnects.ie.


  1. A number of residents have alerted us to their concerns over the proposed changes to our bus routes. As we know these will be extensive, and will have a significant impact upon our local area. We encourage all residents to submit their concerns and comments through the NTA’s public consultation forum, via email to consultations@busconnects.ie before the deadline of 28th September. Unfortunately MGRA have no access to an additional or alternative route through which to convey the concerns of the estate. However, we expect that submissions from a large number of individual residents or households will have far greater impact.