Tidy Districts Competition

The association has entered the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown tidy districts competition this year. Most residents are very good at maintaining the area around their houses and the estate is looking well. We have been advised that the judging for the Tidy Districts Competition is due to take place during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th weeks of July. We would like to encourage all residents to keep up the good work in keeping a neat and tidy environment and maybe to go “the extra mile” if any of their neighbours need assistance due to age or illness. Despite the showery weather, the frequent watering of flower beds and planters is necessary if we wish them to survive and we would appreciate if residents would assist us in this task.

Footpath and Road Repairs Update June

Some members have enquired about the reinstatemnt of Grass Verges following the removal of tree roots by the Council,  and also regarding repairs to the footpaths outside their homes. We are pleased to inform you that following numerous communiques by your Committee to the Parks and Road Maintenance Sections of DLRCC, we have been advised as follows.
Grass Verges: SAP Landscape Contractors have been contracted to reinstate the grass verges in Marley Grange Estate, which were disturbed following the felling of trees and the removal of roots, specifically during 2016. This relates to tree removals on Manor Rise, Manor Heath, Dargle Valley and Highfield Drive and this work is expected to commence in the next week.
Footpath and Road Repairs: We had previously advised on our Web and Newsletter that DLRCC have allocated additional funds for the completion of badly needed repairs to our Footpaths and Roads. This followed representations by Committee Members of MGRA at a Deputation Meeting last January to the Council and Councillors outlining the deplorable state of our Footpaths and Roads. We have now been advised that a Contractor has been appointed to carry out these repairs, and work is expected to commence during July before and after the Concerts but not during them. The Council will address the repairs as per the Snag List furnised to them by MGRA. When this is completed they will attend to other snags until the allocated funds are depleted.
These contractors will be working to a schedule given to them by the Council, which advises the order in which roads twill be attended to. We ask Residents to refrain from asking contractors when your own specic house will be dealt with as this only holds up operations. Any queries can be forwarded to council@marleygrange.ie .

Ziplock Bag with Keys

A blue Ziplock bag, containing a number of keys, was found during the estate clean-up. They can be claimed at Rathfarnham Garda Station (01-6666500).



Estate Cleanup – Thank You!

We had a very successful clean up day on the estate on Saturday 23th of May. Thank you to all attended and we had over 30 people helping out through the morning and it was great to feel such a community spirit. This is by far our best turn out in recent years and we really appreciate the support that was given by all. We also saw many people out on the day cutting verges, lining the verge edges and sweeping old leaves around there own and neighbours gardens.  We achieved alot in terms of clean up litter, pruning trees and ivy back and in general giving our estate a clean new look.

Please keep up the great work and help keeping our estate a lovely place to live!


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10.30 am on Sat 23rd April – Group Clean up…..

April is now officially ‘National Spring Clean” month and this year the Committee have decided that rather than just having one day for our Annual Estate Clean Up we will hold it over one week, from Saturday 23rd April to Saturday 30th.

We will kick-off as usual and meet at the post-box at the entrance to the estate at
10.30 am on Sat 23rd April and would appreciate help from as many people as possible. It is expected to take no more than two hours. The objective will be to pick up rubbish, small twigs/branches, some light pruning. Gloves, pickers and bags will be provided.

This group will concentrate on common areas of the estate but it is hoped that individuals or small groups of residents from specific roads will come together either on that day or during the Clean-Up Week to focus on their own houses and also help elderly neighbours who are not in the position to do this work themselves. One item which would make a major difference to how the estate looks, is if each resident would ensure the edges of their grass verges are neatly trimmed and that all dead leaves under the footpath hedges are removed.

So during this special Spring Clean Week, create a community spirit, remove any litter that you see lying around and put it in your own bin. If you are organising a small clean-up group and wish to avail of some special DLRCC litter bags, contact a member of the Committee and we will try to facilitate you from a limited quantity which we have.

Our youngest volunteers picking up papers.

Cleaning up all the dead branches

Spring Clean

Spring Clean

A Letter from an MGRA member

While we work voluntarily on many issues to do with the estate and there are many issues of concern for our residents, we are always grateful to receive positive letters with ideas such as the one below! We will review the idea of the bulbs in our committee meeting.

Dear MGRA Committee Members

Butterfly Project:

I am writing to say that as one of your neighbours in Marley Grange, I was most impressed by the Butterfly Project. What a wonderful idea and to see the colourful large posters at the entrance to Llewellyn estate. It enlightens the encourages all of us to think more about nature and more importantly to nurture our young people in our community. Thank you to all involved in this new project and well done.


I was also delighted to see a defibrillator donated from our funds to our community something that is useful if required for each and everyone and could help to save a life – a very good practical gift for the common good.

Spring Bulbs:
May I make a suggestion that MGRA purchase some spring bulbs – daffodils and give each household in our community a number of these bulbs to plant around the trees outside their homes. 

For the less able bodies and elderly in our neighbourhood, I suggest that each able bodied neighbour help them to plan same so that we have a colourful estate in the spring but much more importantly it would also help each and everyone in our community to get to know each other better. Two people from each road could organise and help with the distribution of these bulbs.

Wishing you continued success in helping our community to flourish.

Your sincerely,

Ann C

Biodiversity in Action Project-Saturday 21st November

Biodiversity in Action Project
Marley Grange, beside the River Dargle
Saturday 21st November 2015
Starting times: 10:30 for residents of Marley Grange
                                12 noon for those outside the estate until finish.
On Saturday 21st November from 12 noon Dean Eaton will be joining naturalist Dale Treadwell, the Marley Grange Residents Association and volunteers from local schools to plant 400 native trees and shrubs along the river dodder. Of the 400 trees and shrubs, 200 are Alder Buckthorns, the host plant for the Brimstone Butterfly. This butterfly is rare in Ireland and we hope via this Action Project we can help increase their range by creating a butterfly haven within the Dublin region. But we need help!
Initially volunteers are being sought to assist us with the planting by bringing a spade to Marley Grange (beside the river Dargle). Please ensure you wrap up warm and be ready for all the Irish Winter can throw at you. At a later date we’re hoping schools and community groups will plant a few Alder Buckthorns within their own locale to help increase the range of the Brimstone Butterfly. Assistance will be provided.
Many hands make light work! So even if you plant one tree it will be a big help.
But why plant a tree? Perhaps you would like to remember a loved one, or offset your emissions? Perhaps you would like to plant a tree just simply to do something to help nature?
The University of Calcutta highlighting the value a 50 year old tree provides during the course of its lifetime:
€30,000 worth of oxygen.
€60,000 worth of pollution control.
€30,000 worth of increased soil fertility and erosion control.
€35,000 worth of water cleaning.
€30,000 worth of natural habitats for our pollinators.
Not to mention the aesthetic beauty and climate control.
We would love to see you in Marley Grange, Dargle River on the 21st November 2015 at  10:30 for those resident in the estate and those external at 12pm.  Please contact Mary Connolly if attending ( 087 9391042) or come along on the day.


Road Sweeping

MGRA have formally requested a full Road Sweep of the Estate due to the build up of leaves and the Council have said they would have this carried out towards the end of this week i.e. 5-6th November. This could happen earlier depending on when the Road Sweepers become available, so if you have an accumulation of leaves outside your house please ensure your car is parked in the driveway from Wed 4th at       8.00 am, as if the machine cannot sweep due to cars parked they will not return till the next sweep, which could be 2-3 weeks later.
In general, during the months October –March, the scheduled sweeping of estate roads is suspended.  This means that road sweeping can take place on any day of the week and sometimes a number of days per month. The rule of thumb is if you want a build up of leaves removed from your road, residents should ensure carsare parked in the driveway.

Tree Pruning

The trees adjacent to all roads in Marley Grange are owned by DLR Co Co. It has come to our attention that a number of trees in Marley Grange have been recently damaged by illegal tree pruning. There is a 5 year tree care programme in place by DLR Co Co and we would ask all residents to respect this. If you have any issues with trees in the estate please contact council@marleygrange.ie.

Unauthorised works or damage to Council-owned trees may result in a charge being levied. This charge will reflect the amount of damage sustained and where the life/safety of the tree(s) is. Undermined it will include the cost of total replacement and compensation for loss of tree value. These charges will be drawn up by professional parks staff and each case will be assessed on an individual basis using a recognised tree valuation system.


Footpath and Road Repairs

After continuous lobbying by MGRA to the Road Maintenance Section of DLRCC we have been informed that repairs to our Footpaths will recommence shortly.
Indications are that work will be carried out on Marley Drive and Marley Avenue initially, and the extent of this work will be dependent on the funds available.
We will keep you updated.