Tree Care Programme (TCP) Update November 2017

We are pleased to confirm that the 5 year TCP which has been ongoing in Marley Estate, is now completed, with the final few trees crown lifted in the last few weeks. This phased programme which was instigated in 2012, by MGRA in conjunction with The Parks Section, of DLRCC involved the Crown Lifting (pruning) of the 500-600 trees in the Estate, together with the removal of approx. 77 trees which were either diseased and dangerous, or considered too large and unsuitable for a housing estate. In general, when trees were removed, replacement saplings were planted by Parks within the Estate.

The benefits which have resulted from this TCP, means more effective street lighting, less leaves to be swept up, reducing the clogging up of road gullies; and a reduction in damage to underground services and footpaths by tree roots.

Footpath and Road Repairs Update June

Some members have enquired about the reinstatemnt of Grass Verges following the removal of tree roots by the Council,  and also regarding repairs to the footpaths outside their homes. We are pleased to inform you that following numerous communiques by your Committee to the Parks and Road Maintenance Sections of DLRCC, we have been advised as follows.
Grass Verges: SAP Landscape Contractors have been contracted to reinstate the grass verges in Marley Grange Estate, which were disturbed following the felling of trees and the removal of roots, specifically during 2016. This relates to tree removals on Manor Rise, Manor Heath, Dargle Valley and Highfield Drive and this work is expected to commence in the next week.
Footpath and Road Repairs: We had previously advised on our Web and Newsletter that DLRCC have allocated additional funds for the completion of badly needed repairs to our Footpaths and Roads. This followed representations by Committee Members of MGRA at a Deputation Meeting last January to the Council and Councillors outlining the deplorable state of our Footpaths and Roads. We have now been advised that a Contractor has been appointed to carry out these repairs, and work is expected to commence during July before and after the Concerts but not during them. The Council will address the repairs as per the Snag List furnised to them by MGRA. When this is completed they will attend to other snags until the allocated funds are depleted.
These contractors will be working to a schedule given to them by the Council, which advises the order in which roads twill be attended to. We ask Residents to refrain from asking contractors when your own specic house will be dealt with as this only holds up operations. Any queries can be forwarded to .

Marley Grange Estate:- Tree Care Programme (TCP) June 2015

This is the 3rd Year of the 5 year Tree Care Programme (TCP) for Marley Grange Estate, originally agreed with DLR CC, Parks Department and MGRA in February 2013.
As previously outlined, the roads scheduled for TCP 2015 are in the Manor and Highfield areas of the estate where Crown Lifting (Pruning) and tree removals will take place.Tree removals will also take place in Dargle Valley.

The number of trees to be removed this year total 17 of which 15 are Sugar Maples.

Following a survey of these Council trees by DLRCC, Parks Department and MGRA in March 2015 we outline below the locations of the trees listed for removals. Prior to their removal each tree will be maked with an X.

It is important to note that since the commencement of the TCP in April 2013, 57 trees have been removed and 57 replacement trees planted, thus ensuring that there is no overall reduction in tree numbers, an important factor in the sustainability of the characteristic Tree Lined Roads within Marley Grange Estate. In keeping with this policy, tree replacements will take place Jan-Mar 2016 to replace the trees being removed this year. The locations of the replacements won’t necessarily be in the locations from where trees have been removed.

MGRA are informed that Crown Lifting will commence over the next few weeks but tree removal which will be carried out by DLR CC appointed contractors won’t commence till September /October 2015. Trees scheduled for removal will not be crown lifted beforehand.

The following trees are for removal:

Manor Heath

Sugar Maple         outside   No 3
Sugar Maples       outside  No. 5
Sugar Maple         outside  No. 9  x 2
Sugar Maple        outside  No. 11
Sugar Maple        outside  No. 6
Sugar Maple        outside  No. 8

Manor Rise

Sugar Maple   outside    No. 4
Sugar Maple   opposite  No. 8

Manor Park

Evergreens            at side of 6 Manor Park     2 off


Dargle Valley

Sugar Maple         Outside  No.  4
Sugar Maple         Outside  No.  6
Sugar Maple         Outside  No.  16
Sugar Maple         Outside  No.  18
Sugar Maple         Outside  No.  20
Sugar Maple         Outside  No.  36


Tree Care Programme 2013

Residents who may have questions with regards to the TCP for Marley Grange Estate , are referred to the original Tree Care Programme 2013.
This outlines the background to the TCP and the criteria used by DLRCC for the removal of trees.



Gay McGrath
Council Liaison
MGRA, June 2015

Bio Diversity in Marley Grange

The committee hope to increase emphasis on the importance of environmental and biodiversity issues, and have appointed Mary Connolly to drive some new initiatives in the coming year. If anyone wishes to get involved in bio diversity in Marley Grange, please feel free to contact Mary at

Mary has identified some tips for being more environmentally friendly within the home, by moving from chemical based cleaning products towards ones based on natural products.

Items such as bread soda, vinegar, lemons, borax and natural oils (peppermint, tea tree, orange / lemon) were used as traditional cleaners and make an effective but safer alternative to commercially available products. Links to useful resources for further information are available on the website.


Biodiversity 1Biodiversity 2

Tree Care Programme 2015

The third year of the tree care programme commencing in 2015 with the planting of new trees on roads where trees were removed during 2014. The details of the tree planting programme will be available on our web during Feb, and also at our AGM, with planting taking place during Feb and March. Most of the crown lifting was completed on Marley Walk, Close and Villas during 2014 and any outstanding will be included in the Crown Lifting and Tree Removals programme, which during 2015 will concentrate on Manor and Highfield.

October Update on Tree Care Programme

Since our previous update a storm on the night of 5/6 Oct took down 2 large trees on Marley Grove, and 3 small ones on Marley Close, Dargle Drive. Luckily there were no injuries or damage particularly on Marley Walk where one tree spanned the road. Although the Council Parks Section have continued with their Tree Care Programme in Marley Walk, Villas, Close and Grove, they have also attended to a number of residents requests in other parts of the estate, MGRA were concerned at progress and arranged a meeting with the District Area Supervisor to discuss. We were informed that following a restructuring of Parks, their area has doubled in size and they are under pressure to comply with their extra work load.

Following the meeting, the Council have agreed to the following:

·         The Council promise to complete the 2014 Tree Care Programme as planned.

·         The Council will not comply with special tree care requests other than those on the scheduled roads. Following a survey of the remaining Sugar Maples in Manor, and Dargle Valley, a contract will be arranged to remove these trees in 2015. We will keep you updated.

·         The Council do not have the resources to remove the remaining root residue where trees have already been removed and we are still in discussion to get this work completed.

Tree Care Programme Update September 2014

After an absence of some months, we are informed by the Parks Section of DLRCC that they are recommencing with their Tree Care Programme this week. The planned programme as announced earlier this year, was for the Crown Lifting of trees on Marley Walk, Villas, Close and Grove and Parks will concentrate on these roads over the next few weeks. A number of requests for the pruning of overhanging branches in other parts of the Estate, have been received by our Committee and these are being passed onto Parks to deal with as work progresses. We would ask you if you have specific tree care requests to pass them onto the Committee through the email address as approaching the Parks Crew at their work is time consuming, potentially dangerous and will just result in less crown lifting being carried out. We would ask all residents to ensure your cars are not parked in areas where this work is likely to be carried out.

Storm Damage

Thankfully we seem to have escaped the wrath of the recent storms. You will have noticed that we lost 2 trees on the verge of the green in the last few weeks. A special thanks to Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council who were very fast on both occasions to cut and move the damaged trees.

Marley Avenue, Marley Walk went through the tree programme with pruning and some removals in 2013 and I think we can be thankful of that as there has been none of the big trees impacted by the storms. You may notice the replacement trees being planted around the estate with more details to follow on this.

Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Photos of Nature on Marley Grange

Some photos from the Summer of 2013 and we have some beautiful flowers at this time of the year. Our resident award winning photographer Peter Bryne took some lovely photos of Marley Grange in Bloom.