Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all in Marley Grange! Thanks for effort of making your houses look great with Christmas lights. Some of the lights on the external trees look fantastic this year. To all those that made the effort throughout the year to contribute something be it in the clean ups, the collections, attending the AGM, picking up litter etc, we thank you and wish you a Happy New Year !


Welcome to our new Marley Grange Website.

Please feel free to add comments to any of our posts. Please contact one of our committee members to discuss any of your issues.  There are 460 homes in Marley Grange, the vast majority of whom are Association members. With your help and ideas we hope to maintain our estate to the highest standard. The committee meets once per month to discuss issues of concern to residents and take the necessary action. We are fortunate to have a naturally attractive estate which, with a little care, attention to landscaping, litter and consideration for our neighbours, will continue to provide each and every one of us with an attractive living environment.