Concert Update – April

There are 5 concert days this year – 8th, 9th July and Longitude weekend (15th/16th/17th July)
The committee recognises that there are varied opinions among members with regard to the holding of concerts in Marlay Park. The committee fully respects the right of any resident to object to the events. In representing the totality of all member residents, the committee believes that the most effective course of action is to lobby to minimise any disruption from the events and to follow the mandate of the majority of participants at the AGM.

Many improvements took place for the 2015 concerts, though there still are some concerns particularly with regard to access to the estate at the end of the concerts, noise levels and anti-social behaviour. The AGM has mandated the incoming committee to continue the policy of constructive engagement with the council, but also requested the committee to find all means necessary to improve access to the estate for emergency services and residents during the road closures.

Unfortunately, at this point the committee have not been able to make progress with DLR CoCo on any alternative access into the estates during road closure at the end of the concerts. While the road closures enforced by the Gardai last year were restricted to one hour, it is a concern that there is no detailed plan for emergency access to our estate during that time. We have therefore formally lodged a submission to the event licencing process stating that

• the draft traffic management plan is not explicit enough about emergency access /egress from the estate during road closures
• unless the organisers deal with this specific issue, no licence should be granted for the events.