Concerts 2014 Marlay Park

Marlay Park will host a significant number of concerts from late June through to July. If you have any concerns as a resident please contact the committee. Parking restrictions will be in place to ensure minimum impact to the Marley Grange estate.

Concerts are:
Sunday 29th June 2014: Arcade Fire – Reflektor Tour with special guests the Pixies
Wednesday 2nd July:  Kanye West, Pharell
Friday 4th of July: Kings of Leon with special guests Kodaline
Thursday 10th July 2014: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in their only Irish show in 2014 with specials guest Ellie Goulding
Saturday 12th July 2014: Arctic Monkeys with speical guest Miles Kane

Arcade Fire below:

Kings of Leon:

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis:

Arctic Monkeys:




  1. David Fitzgerald says


    I am not happy about the amount of concerts this year. Put simply there are too many (8) with 3 full day concerts.
    The concerts change the tone of the area and whilst for the most part well run they represent a significant upheaval to the area with noise, road closures and 000’s of people drinking all over the place.

    The council roll out the argument that they need the revenue to run the park but i don’t accept this, why are SO many concerts taking place here and not spread out to the rest of the city they cover. The council are a commercial entity and have no right to effect my families quality of life for 1 month. The concert season it just too long and i don’t trust that they will make it bigger again next year. They seem happy to lock up in to our estates and care little else for our wishes. The council say 72 decibels is the limit that they concerts don’t exceed but with SO MANY concerts i am not sure if the intent of the law was to cover this level of sound for 8 concerts and 3 all day events. Am i the only one trying to put kids to bed ?

    I would ask the residents assoc to be more proactive in talking to the council to ensure they do not grow the concert season next year and to make sure they respect where i choose to live. The area is not a long term concert venue and we now have restricted access to the park for 6 weeks…

    I have been in touch with Pine Valley residents assoc and they are not happy either. I would ask the committee to connect with the rest of the residents associations in along the Grange rd to form a single voice to the council. If we do not assert ourselves as a group the conical will book more and more concerts and its too late when the gigs are booked to be objecting. I will share the contact details with the committee separately.

    I am happy to get involved in this to make sure the council see some balance and respect the area

  2. Hi David,

    John has responded to your previous email on the same points.


  3. Orna O'Connor says

    people objecting to 5 Garth Brooks gigs, try over a month of disruptive concerts! Its the middle of summer and a large chunk of the park is closed, promoter’s staff treat park goers like an inconvenience. Why has a public park in a large residential area been allowed to be monopolized for private gain. I love going to gigs, but the park is not a suitable venue, the Gardi have sent a letter to everyone in Marley Grange informing them that they would not be allowed out of their estates in cars for from 10 onwards each concert night, whose convenience is that for?! A PRIVATE company making PRIVATE gain through a PUBLICLY funded amenity. The payments made to the council for allowing the park to be used as a venue do not really amount to a necessary trade off for residents, projects such as the outdoor cinema during the summer are cited by DRL as being partially funded by the concert profits, well I for one would be happy to trade a crappy outdoor cinema showing old films for a concert free summer! The park is a PARK, not a cinema and not a concert arena. Residents over the years have given the promoters of these events an inch and they have taken a mile, as the previous commenter said the residents association need to be more pro-active in addressing these issues when next years license agreement is being negotiated.

  4. Hi Orna,

    Thank you for comments and we will take your comments on board. Could you please email me at with your email address and house details to ensure you are aware of further communication on this.

  5. David Hamill says

    I fully agree with David and Orna, I am a resident in Marlay View and we are here with our daughter at 10.40pm trying to get her to sleep. We both have work in the morning and after a month of concerts are completely fed up. The limit of 72 decibels is 100% been breached as I have measured it at 84+ this evening. The limitations and lack of courtesy to regular park goers is terrible, our facilities are been usurped.
    The other issue is the noise after the event which is terrible, hours of intoxicated people shouting and screaming with vehicles beeping on the roads to avoid wandering individuals . I would like to see the schedule of concerts drastically reduced next year. I would welcome the joining of all residents associations in the area. Thankfully tonight is the end for this summer. These concerts are seriously making me consider looking elsewhere to live and if they continue in the same format and quantity next year it will be an utter shame.

  6. Eugene Russell says

    I fully agree with David Fitzgerald,Orna O’Connor David Hamill and many other residents of the estate. The residents of Croke Park knew when they were buying their houses that the were situated,beside a stadium When my Wife and I bought our house in the mid seventies one of the features was a tranquil park next door to us where we could enjoy walks in the summer months in our retirement. Instead what have we got was a full month of disruption where the majority of the park is cordoned off for the benefit of MCD promotions and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Co Co and we are told that the money will go to enhance the facilities of the Park. Why are we paying residential property tax?.We have had a full month of disruption for no obvious gain and I intend to raise strenuous objections to next years concerts and any future concerts. To put it simply concerts of this nature is not suitable for a built area such as ours.
    Eugene Russell.

  7. Hazel Crawford says

    I wish to add my objections and complaints to those of the other residents above and wholeheartedly endorse their comments . I have lived here for more than 40 years and remember when the park was opened for ‘the people of south county Dublin’ not for the council or for greedy concert promoters . This private ‘Promotiom Company’ has been anything but civil to those of us who use the park on a daily basis. During the 6 weeks the restrictions have been increased on a daily basis and the employees of the company told me that they had rented the space for the duration and could impose whatever restrictions were necessary !
    The month of July is holiday time for all the schoolchildren in the area and everywhere and for so many , the park is where they spend a lot of time . Personally , my grandchildren love to be in the park with me but this year it has been a nightmare..
    The 2 hour ‘curfew’ is bad enough but trying to get in and out of the estate safely from mid afternoon on the days of the concerts is another nightmare with crowds in total disregard of the traffic lights and walking anywhere on the road . The last straw for me was to see men urinating on 3 occasions against the wall on the Grange road !. I have sent an e-mail to DLRCOCO with a similat list of issues /complaints and I will certainly be strenuously objecting to any concerts next year .

    Hazel Crawford.
    Manor Rise

  8. Rosemary O'Connor says

    I agree with David Orna and Eugune. I am a long term resident in Marley living in the immediate vicinity of the Grange Road entrance into Marley Grange. It is clear to me that a large body of the residents of the estate are wholly opposed to these concerts. What started as a novel revenue concept on the part of DLRCC to generate revenue for the park has now changed into a money making exercise much to the detriment of all of the residents in the area. DLRCC will claim that they have taken all necessary precautions to minimise the inconvenience to residents. However, they should recognise that their brief is to cater for the needs of the community and not to pander to the commercial interests of MCD Promotions. Marley Park is a public amenity. It is not and never was designated as being suitable for concerts. Over the past 4 week I have witnessed lewd and intoxicating
    behaviour, excessive and incessant noise, unruly behaviour, inability to gain access to my house for 3 consecutive nights last week-end. To cap it all I was woken at 6 a.m. to-day to witness some concert goers being evicted from the park. The disrupption to the use of the Park by ordinary families and their children for that period has been ignored by DLRCC who appears to have forgotten that they are a local
    Authority accountable to the public for their actions. I think that this matter is serious enough to warrant
    convening an extraordinary general meeting of the association. It is essential that joint action is taken with adjoining resident associations from Grange Wood, Pine Valley and other estates to form a massive protest to the proposed use of the Park for any concerts in the future. ONE concert is too many. I and all other residents should be entitled to enjoy the beneficial use of my home without this unlawful disruption
    Our local representatives should also be made aware of our views as clearly the officials of DLRCC are not concerned at the upset cased to residents. Now is the time for action and not retrospective meeting between the association, DLRCC and MCD representatives which will achieve nothing.

  9. Marlay Park has for many years hosted summer concerts. In the past we, as a community, have been tolerant of the disruption that these concerts have caused. As an Association, we have a respectful relationship with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, who have in general listened to our complaints and helped ensure that disruption was minimised as best possible.

    While we were aware that there were an increased number of concerts planned for this year, we did not anticipate the severity of the disruption that these concerts would have for our residents.

    MGRA met with the council in April and the 2014 concerts was one of the items on the agenda. Our main concerns, at the time, were that
    a) There would be adequate security to prevent non-residents parking in our estate so that emergency services could access at all times
    b) The area would be cleaned up after each concert.
    c) That noise levels would be monitored.
    d) There would be a complaints line to report issues during the concerts
    e) The park would be accessible on non-concert days
    As previous years’ concerts were held without serious issues, MGRA were confident that this year would be no different. We were not alone in this confidence as there were no objections by any residents or businesses in the whole DLRCOCO area during the planning process.

    This year, unfortunately, the concerts have been more than just an inconvenience to many of us as a result of the number of concerts in such a short space of time, noise levels, drunkenness, traffic impact and Gardaí controlled closure of the Grange Road for two hours on the evening of the concerts.
    We have compiled a list of residents’ complaints and will be meeting with the council to complain and discuss them. We would like to stress that our Residents Association is not a political party and has no interest in seeking a public profile. With the Garth Brooks saga, the local impact of concerts has been a national interest and we have had numerous journalists contacting us. We as a committee did not want to be drawn into publicity, with no control over the press or the angle of their reporting. Unfortunately like with all media representations, statements made by our Residents Association can be interpreted in many ways.

    Our Residents’ committee is a group of unpaid volunteers who try to make Marley Grange a better estate. The MGRA had no control of and little voice once the concerts were in full swing. On behalf of our members, the MGRA will be making a complaint to DLR COCO in relation to the 2014 concerts and we actively encourage anybody who has a grievance with the Marlay Park concerts to make a complaint directly to DLRCOCO at or make a complaint to a local Councillor.

    Marley Grange Residents Association

  10. As a resident of the area I agree with other comments. Well being of residents should come before money. What about property tax as DLR surely richest intake in country. And South Dublin Council has lots of residents affected by this as the area is split now into 2 councils. Which is ridiculous.

    Anyone able to function tonight Nov 1st with that Marley Party. The noise level has to be above legal levels. Gardai says it’s a civil matter and to contact the council on Monday. So we seemingly have no legal redress re the noise levels that have been pounding us all day long and likely to continue til 4 am as happened last year. I thought at least no one could make excessive noise after midnight?? Residents just don’t matter when it comes to making a few thousand quid in this country . Keep the complaints going into your local councils and Gardai.