Dangers of Bonfires

DLR Co co have written to all residents associations in the county highlighting the dangers associated with bonfires on halloween night.

You can report instances of dumping or stockpiling to 1800 403 503.

The main points they raise in their letter are –

  • Dispose of your rubbish correctly and legally – do not supply your household waste for burning in a bonfire or hand over waste material to any unauthorised waste collector -you will be liable for a fine of up to €4000.
  • Anyone caught dumping waste in an open area can also be fined €150 under the litter pollution act.
  • Anyone holding or disposing waste that is likely to cause environmental pollution is guilty of an offence under the waste management act.
  • Waste stockpiled for bonfires poses a definite risk to personal safety and the safety of pets and other animals.
  • Burning of waste causes pollution of the air and damages the environment and is is a very serious threat to public health.
  • Children can swallow toxic material from dirt on their hands while playing near ash residue.
  • Emergency services are stretched as a result of bonfires.
  • Materials – such as aerosols, pressurised containers and flammable substances – can explode and injure bystanders and damage nearby properties. Heat from the bonfire can cause pvc doors and windows to melt and cause glass to crack.
  • Bonfires contribute to anti social behaviour.
  • Cleanup costs are substantial.

·         You can report instances of dumping or stockpiling to 1800 403 503.