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Dog Fouling

The estate still suffers from the problem of dog fouling. Althogh most dog owners act responsibly and clean up after their dogs, too many owners are negligent and show total disregard in their responsibilty, leaving a mess on the footpaths or grass verges, which end up being walked into houses, cars and endangering the health of young children who can get contaminated with these droppings. It is difficult to understand some owners, where after cleaning up, they decide rather than bring their plastic bag home they stuff it into the nearest hedge or throw it into a resident’s garden.

The Committee are actively pursuing this matter with the DLRCC, Litter Warden who has visited the estate at our request and noted the problem. The warden will be keeping a close eye on offending owners and will implement on the spot fines of €150. Anyone with information which could help reduce this problem can contact the Litter Warden at 1800 403 503 or email

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