Footpath and Road Repairs (FRR)

The 3rd phase of the FRR programme, took place during July and August 2016, when many of the outstanding trip hazards and broken footpaths were repaired. This phase concentrated on Marley Avenue, Lawn, Walk, Grove, Villas, Close, and Dargle Drive. Unfortunately, despite assurances by the Council that all repairs listed by MGRA to Roads Maintenance, would be attended to in 2016, this did not happen because the allocated funds for 2016 were depleted before all repairs in the estate were completed. A number of residents will be disappointed that the repair outside their own house was not attended to during this phase, but we are assured by Roads Maintenance that funds will be available again next year to continue with this programme.

It is appropriate to state again that the final decision as to which footpath on which road, repairs are carried out, is purely a matter for the Council. In June 2014 MGRA carried out an extensive survey of all the footpaths and roads in the estate. This resulted in a 6-page list of 120 FRR items needing attention. This was furnished to DLRCC, Roads Maintenance and has been the basis for the commencement, in Sept 2014 of the FRR programme in Marley Estate. This continued in June/July 2015 when additional funds were made available.  MGRA requested further funds to be included in the Council’s 2016 Budget and the allocation of these funds were confirmed to MGRA at a Deputation Meeting in Jan 2016.

Ideally it would suit the residents if all the footpaths were completely replaced with new ones, but with budget restraints in recent years has not been possible and we have done well with the funds allocated to us. The Council are using the MGRA survey list furnished to them but are also using their own list to carry out repairs. The resultant work completed is of a high standard with extensive areas of footpaths repaired, rather than the patchwork type repairs which we experienced in former years.