Footpath and Road Repairs Update June

Some members have enquired about the reinstatemnt of Grass Verges following the removal of tree roots by the Council,  and also regarding repairs to the footpaths outside their homes. We are pleased to inform you that following numerous communiques by your Committee to the Parks and Road Maintenance Sections of DLRCC, we have been advised as follows.
Grass Verges: SAP Landscape Contractors have been contracted to reinstate the grass verges in Marley Grange Estate, which were disturbed following the felling of trees and the removal of roots, specifically during 2016. This relates to tree removals on Manor Rise, Manor Heath, Dargle Valley and Highfield Drive and this work is expected to commence in the next week.
Footpath and Road Repairs: We had previously advised on our Web and Newsletter that DLRCC have allocated additional funds for the completion of badly needed repairs to our Footpaths and Roads. This followed representations by Committee Members of MGRA at a Deputation Meeting last January to the Council and Councillors outlining the deplorable state of our Footpaths and Roads. We have now been advised that a Contractor has been appointed to carry out these repairs, and work is expected to commence during July before and after the Concerts but not during them. The Council will address the repairs as per the Snag List furnised to them by MGRA. When this is completed they will attend to other snags until the allocated funds are depleted.
These contractors will be working to a schedule given to them by the Council, which advises the order in which roads twill be attended to. We ask Residents to refrain from asking contractors when your own specic house will be dealt with as this only holds up operations. Any queries can be forwarded to .


  1. Len Brennan says

    Footpaths on Marley Ave. recently repaired, full marks to the repair team, they worked late into the evening on several days including weekend and caused as little disruption as possible.