Halloween Party in Marlay Grange House

As mentioned in a previous post there is a charity Fundraising Event at Marlay Grange house on the Grange Road on October 31st. The event is not organised nor has any association with the Marley Grange Residence Association or housing estate. It is the intention of Marlay Grange house owner and the event management team to adhere as best they can to the agreements with MGRA described in that previous post with respect to noise levels and timing. There is independent parking for the event and an audio engineer logging sound levels at different positions at regular intervals to ensure the sound is within the agreed guidelines.

There are licensed fireworks at 20:45 and there are no other fireworks at the event. As the event is on Halloween night, there may be other fireworks and local parties including at Eden House which are not be related to the event. However if there a direct problem with the event on the night and you wish to contact the event staff, the number to ring is 083 808 2441.