Longitude Festival

The last of the Marley Park Concerts 2014 take place this week 18th to 20th of July. There will be restricted access again on the estate and sound levels will be monitored.  If a resident wishes to contact the concert promoter with a complaint (noise/anti social) on the night of a concert he may phone the following number: 089 2067950.

We recognise this year there has been a 8 nights of concerts at Marley Park and the sensitivities over concerts especially in relation to what occurred with the Garth Brooks concerts. If any residents of Marley Grange do wish to give feedback to the association on the concerts please feel free to contact us with your name, address at info@marleygrange.ie






  1. Brigitte says


    The noise tonight is incredible. I live in Aikens village, Stepaside and my 2 year old has now woken up twice by the noise in spite having all the windows closed. I can only imagine how people close by feel.

    I think 8 concerts in a row are miles too much …. And also I believe that noise level increased in comparison to previous years.

    I appreciate any consideration.