Marlay Park Concerts 2013

For summer 2013 the Longitude Music Festival will take place from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st of July and the arenas open up at 1:30pm. Details and more information of performing artists can be found at Parking and access to Marley Grange by car is restricted during the concerts and DLR Co Co have issued 3 parking permits for each house. If you are expecting visitors on these days and 3 permits are not enough, please contact DLR Co co office as per the letter received.

From what we understand as of the 4th of July, there are no concerts planned for the August Bank holiday weekend.



  1. Is this the only concert or will there be others and if so what dates please?
    also over the past several years we have been locked out of returning home as the gardai have blocked
    off the Grange Road at the end of some but not all, concerts. I phoned Rathfarnham Garda station at one stage as I had a number of teenage guests in my home to enquire would the Grange Road be closed.
    The response was ‘[ we dont know, it will depend on what we decide later on’
    not very helpful, can this be sorted out so we know for definite what concerts they will be closing.

  2. Thanks for your email. I know its not very satisfactory, particularly if you have visitors.
    Myself and my wife were also caught out 3 years ago for about 20 mins with the Grange Road blocked after one of the more popular concerts. The way the Gardai operate is that they can decide to block a road if they decide it is better for the safety of the general public by getting the crowds away from the area as quickly as possible. This will depend on the numbers attending the concert on that particular night, and the Gardai have it in their power to do so.

    The numbers attending each night we are advised will be of the order of 9,000 compared to 20-30,000 on previous years so this reduces the possibility for a closure.
    The best advice I can give is to make sure you get home before the finish time for the concert or well after it so you don’t get caught. I will take your comment on board and try to advise in our Newsletter close to the concert dates what the start and finish times are. Other than the Longitude 3 days we are advised by DLRCC that no other concert date licenses have been applied for so its unlikely but it could happen.

    Yours sincerely
    Gay McGrath