Marlay Park:   Rat Infestation

The increase in the number of rats in Marlay Park in recent months is a concern to many resident and users of the park.

The Parks Department of DLRCC have confirmed that they are dealing with this problem which was brought about by the very mild winter this year, which resulted in a large increase in the number of young rats.

Apart from the HSE who normally deal with Pest Control, a specialist contractor has been brought in by the Parks Department, to implement a 2 month Rodent Extermination Programme, which according to Parks is already showing good results.

They expect the problem to be sorted in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime visitors to the park would be advised not to feed the ducks and to ensure their dogs are kept on a lead.

Please wash your children’s hands in particular if playing in Marlay Park and be aware of the symptoms of Weil’s disease.

For more information on Weil’s disease, please see here