Marley Grange Access during concert period

While the road closures enforced by the Gardai last year were restricted to one hour, it was a concern that there is no detailed plan for emergency access to our estate during that time. The AGM had mandated the incoming committee to continue the policy of constructive engagement with the council, but also requested the committee to find all means necessary to improve access to the estate for emergency services and residents during the road closures. Having not found any alternative ways to access our estate, we formally lodged a submission to the event licencing process stating that

• the draft traffic management plan is not explicit enough about emergency access /egress from the estate during road closures
• unless the organisers deal with this specific issue, no licence should be granted for the events.

Based on discussions with DLR Co Co, the statement below has been received that is in the Traffic Management Plan.  

Access for Emergency Services to all areas will be maintained during the periods of Road Closures. In the event that an emergency occurs an escort team, consisting of trained Garda Motorcyclists, will be detailed to complete this escort. This is a facility that would not be available on a normal basis and will result in a more timely response for access and egress to Emergency Services personnel and vehicles. 

“Emergency Services” covers the normal ones and of course should the ESB or Gas Networks Ireland need to enter they will also be accommodated.  As per previous years all non-emergency access requests during the road closures will be evaluated on a case by case basis and facilitated if possible, with public safety in mind.