Marley Grange Estate:- Tree Care Programme (TCP) June 2015

This is the 3rd Year of the 5 year Tree Care Programme (TCP) for Marley Grange Estate, originally agreed with DLR CC, Parks Department and MGRA in February 2013.
As previously outlined, the roads scheduled for TCP 2015 are in the Manor and Highfield areas of the estate where Crown Lifting (Pruning) and tree removals will take place.Tree removals will also take place in Dargle Valley.

The number of trees to be removed this year total 17 of which 15 are Sugar Maples.

Following a survey of these Council trees by DLRCC, Parks Department and MGRA in March 2015 we outline below the locations of the trees listed for removals. Prior to their removal each tree will be maked with an X.

It is important to note that since the commencement of the TCP in April 2013, 57 trees have been removed and 57 replacement trees planted, thus ensuring that there is no overall reduction in tree numbers, an important factor in the sustainability of the characteristic Tree Lined Roads within Marley Grange Estate. In keeping with this policy, tree replacements will take place Jan-Mar 2016 to replace the trees being removed this year. The locations of the replacements won’t necessarily be in the locations from where trees have been removed.

MGRA are informed that Crown Lifting will commence over the next few weeks but tree removal which will be carried out by DLR CC appointed contractors won’t commence till September /October 2015. Trees scheduled for removal will not be crown lifted beforehand.

The following trees are for removal:

Manor Heath

Sugar Maple         outside   No 3
Sugar Maples       outside  No. 5
Sugar Maple         outside  No. 9  x 2
Sugar Maple        outside  No. 11
Sugar Maple        outside  No. 6
Sugar Maple        outside  No. 8

Manor Rise

Sugar Maple   outside    No. 4
Sugar Maple   opposite  No. 8

Manor Park

Evergreens            at side of 6 Manor Park     2 off


Dargle Valley

Sugar Maple         Outside  No.  4
Sugar Maple         Outside  No.  6
Sugar Maple         Outside  No.  16
Sugar Maple         Outside  No.  18
Sugar Maple         Outside  No.  20
Sugar Maple         Outside  No.  36


Tree Care Programme 2013

Residents who may have questions with regards to the TCP for Marley Grange Estate , are referred to the original Tree Care Programme 2013.
This outlines the background to the TCP and the criteria used by DLRCC for the removal of trees.



Gay McGrath
Council Liaison
MGRA, June 2015