Marley Grange Photography Competition

Our web site already has some beautiful photographs of the estate taken over recent years, which reflects how well our environment looks at different times of the year. We would now like to add two new sections to this:

  • an archive of photos from the estate in previous decades (particularly the 1970s when the estate was built or even better if there are photographs prior to that). We will be willing to scan and edit any format, be it photo, negative or transparency so as well as entering the competition you will hopefully get a good quality digital version of your image. Naturally we will return any hard copy format to the owner
  • wildlife in the estate, capturing the diverse range of birds and animals that inhabit the estate with us. (Unfortunately pet cats, dogs etc. will not be considered wildlife for this section). This element of the competition might also appeal to children on the estate, many of whom may have smart phones or cameras of their own. The best way to achieve photographs like this might be to provide feeding or other support for wildlife, though we would remind members not to encourage foxes into your garden in this manner.

We will offer a few modest prizes for the best photographs, and of course we will publish any photograph of sufficient quality on the web site and credit the owner of it. Closing date for entries is end of September, but we will publish photos as and when they are entered.

For digital photos please email them to, with text covering title of photo, name of person entering, and address of person entering, and age of person entering if under 16.

Photos should be in jpeg format and have a minimum size of 800X600 pixels.

For analog photo medium, please email details of where photo / negative / slide could be collected from, also with text covering title of photo, name of person entering, and address of person entering.

So folks, get snapping!