It was agreed at the MGRA AGM held on 19th February last, that the Committee would endeavour to provide some guidelines on the LPT attributable to the different house types in the Estate. We asked an estate agent for valuations on 6 typical house types and as a result of these valuations we can now offer this information below. There are other one-off houses within our estate which are not covered in this exercise.


House Type Where Property Valuation Band
Three Bedroom


Typical in Marley Estate  


Four Bedroom


Dargle Drive  & Valley  


Four Bedroom Detached Highfield and  Manor

Not Highfield Court or Priory



Four Bedroom Detached Marley Drive  &

3 on Marley Ave.



Four Bedroom

Detached Red Brick

Marley Drive & Manor Drive  


Four Bedroom Detached Grange Court  



The Estate Agent who determined the above valuations say they are a guide to market value of standard properties within Marley Grange Estate. If certain properties have been substantially upgraded or extended in recent years residents may have to consider placing their property in a band above these guidelines


This information from MGRA, is for your guidance only and it is up to each individual to decide how best this information is used for their own property. We can only give the same advice to you as the Revenue Commissioners give,which is that the Valuations you submit to them is your honest assessment of the valuation as you can determine. We refer you to section 10. How do I value my Property in the Guide to Local Property Tax booklet, which you will have received with your Local Property Tax return Form LPT1, and the revenue web



Gay McGrath


MGRA Committee                                                             April 2013                                                                             


  1. Francie Connolly says

    Well done on the new website and house valuation initiative

  2. Paul Hickey Manor Rise says

    Congrats to Committee on organizing House valuations; very worthwhile exercise for all householders and full marks on new web-site as well ,
    Paul Hickey, Manor Rise

  3. Louis O'Hanlon says

    Thank you for the very helpful valuation and also the great work you do for all the Residents.

    Louis O’Hanlon

  4. Gay McGrath, Marley Lawn says

    Many thanks to the residents for their comments.
    It is welcoming to hear that our efforts are appreciated.

    Gay McGrath
    On behalf of the Committee