November 1st Concert

The concert on November 1st was in the private grounds of Marlay Grange House. There have been many complaints from residents on our estate and in the surrounding neighbourhoods. We are working through a number of issues and will be working as a committee to define the best course of action for next year.



  1. Morris Dowling says

    Hi Committee

    I call Rathfarnham Garda Station at 1am on Sunday morning a short while ago, and was informed that this is a Civil matter and not a Criminal matter and therefore they could do nothing about the noise pollution issue. They suggested if the Residents Association got enough complaints that you might follow up with South Dublin County Council, as this has happened on more than one occasion now, and I am not sure if this is a yearly event now.

    Kind Regards
    Morris Dowling – Marley Grange Resident

  2. Paschal O'Connor says

    This outrageous noise caused by the private concert going on form 5:00 pm to the late hours of Sunday morning which is at least 3 times louder than any marley park concert needs to be stopped, Complaints to the Gardai result in the usual response of ‘ there is nothing we can do ‘ needs to be addressed by the residents association at the highest level of co. council to make sure this does not happen again. The residents of Marley house are effectively giving the two fingers to hundreds of residents in the surrounding area. Local opposition to this very loud noise needs to be coordinated by the residents association as a matter of urgency.

  3. Raymond Hughes says

    I concur with the above comments. In particular the volume level: at least three times that of the worst concert in the summer. My house in Grange Court continued to almost vibrate up to 2.a.m. today Sunday, Nov1st.
    Who are these people? Is the Big House in the ascendant again and may do what it wishes in defiance of “the little people” and noise pollution law?
    I hope the committee will keep us informed. We may have another Concert for New Year’s and then why not one for St Patrick’s Day?

  4. Kevin Sweeney says

    I totally concur with all comments above.
    It would appear to me that the residents of Marley Grange House have displayed a total lack of manners and respect for all the other residents in the area.
    The event was rumoured to be attended by 800 persons as a Charity Fund Raiser for Barnardo’s. If this information is correct, I would ask that contact be made with Fergus Finlay, CEO of Barnardo’s requesting that his organisation should have no further association with these people
    Who do these people think they are, that they continually refused to concede to the request of An Garda Siochana to reduce the volume of the noise? When I rang the Garda at 00.45, I was told they had received over 200 complaints. They should not have to spend a Saturday night, dealing with this unruly behaviour and need to be given more power by the State so that this behaviour become a Criminal Offence and not a Civil matter.
    In the meantime, the County Council should deal with this matter urgently to ensure such an occurence is not repeated.

  5. Barbara Doyle says

    I’ve just been on phone to South Dublin County Council (Ph 4949000) to complain about the concert on Saturday night. I’m one of many to complain. My details were taken and am told that an Environmental Officer will look into the complaints. Not sure what can be done at this stage. However, if it was a fund-raising event surely they would have had to had some sort of licence. If this is the case, further licences should be denied.

  6. Gerald Murphy says

    Was this event licensed.? Do such events have to be licemsed? What are the penalties for breaches of such licenses? Can we expect more such events at New Year’s Eve, Patrick’s Day Easter, May Bank Holiday, Midsummer? Can we have permission to erect protest posters along the grange road objecting to all concerts? Should concerts only be allowed when a majority of residents in the estates adjoining Marley Park vote by referendum so to do?. IN the meantime, because of the damge done to our Health and to property, values, should all affected residents be excused all Local Property Taxes for the forseeable future?