Phishing Scam Advice

Please be aware of phishing emails, being received by members of the public in Ireland this month. The email falsely indicates that the recipient is due a refund, from a company with which they may have an account, and that they should click on a link within the email. This link brings them to a false web page,  where they are requested to provide personal and credit card details.


Below are some guidelines for residents should they receive such mails.


  • Never disclose any information particularly personal or financial information
  • Delete the email message immediately
  • Never click on web links contained within such messages or download content associated with the message
  • Do not respond to calls or messages from an unknown source
  • If you have provided personal bank account or credit card details please contact your bank immediately to advise that their details have been compromised. The financial institution will be in a position to advise regarding cancelling bank or credit cards