Security – Please be vigilant for car thieves

Please be vigilant for attempted car break-ins.

It has come to our notice that a number of residents cars in Manor Close and Marley have had their cars broken into last Thurs night 16th July, Tuesday 23rd July. The matter has been reported to the Gardai and newly installed local security camera recordings will hopefully lead to the identity of the thieves.

We would like to reiterate the need for vigilance particularly in this holiday season

Do not leave anything valuables in the car, particularly if they are left in plain view

Please ensure that you check your car is actually locked at night.

One resident had a black leather laptop type bag taken which contained a number of books on hypnotherapy and some personal papers. These are of no value to anyone other than the owner as they are required by him in his business. If anyone has come across these, please let us know by contacting A jacket, which was also taken was located in a nearby hedge the following day. Nothing appears to have been taken from the other resident’s car.