September Update on Footpath and Road Repairs

September Update on Footpath and Road Repairs  

Following an extensive survey of all Footpaths and Roads within Marley Grange Estate a detailed list of 114 items needing attention was submitted to the Roads Maintenance Division of DLRCC. The list included a number of potentially dangerous trip areas, which had previously been identified and reported to the Council but unfortunately not repaired.

On the 2nd September Gay McGrath, MGRA Council Liaison had a constructive meeting with the Area Engineer for Road Maintenance. A detailed walkabout based on the Footpath Repair List was carried out. It was confirmed by the Area Engineer that items identified as dangerous would be acted on urgently but other items may not be fully completed this year.

We are pleased to report that the following day, 2 driveway footpaths and aprons were repaired on Marley Lawn and on 10th Sept extensive repairs commenced on Manor Rise. We will continue to monitor and update you on progress. The list is extensive so there is no need for residents to contact the Council to report problems outside their house as MGRA have already done that for you.

Gay McGrath, Council Liaison, MGRA

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