Tree Care Programme 2013

To the Residents of Marley Grange Estate:

 Dun Laogahire Rathdown County Council have put forward a Tree Care Programme for Marley Grange Estate for 2013.

This follows a recently completed Tree Survey by DLRCC.

The survey reveals that there are 500-600 trees requiring work on them and the Council expect this work will be phased in over a 5 year period.

The work will consist of Crown Lifting or pruning, involving the removal of low growing branches up to a height of  3-3.5 m and the removal or felling of some trees, determined by the following criteria laid down by the Council.

  • Trees which are diseased or in poor condition
  • Trees which are growing within 3.5 m of a lampstandard
  • The very large Sugar Maples.

It has been determined by the Council that this phasing would be on a street by street basis. For 2013 the Streets selected are Marley Avenue and Marley Drive.

Crown lifting and the removal of overhanging branches will be completed on these roads starting in the next few weeks. Trees which will be removed as determined by the above criteria have been marked with a white X are on Marley Avenue, Drive, Grove, Walk and Lawn.

The council have produced the attached list of trees to be removed with the reasons for their removal and total 32. They Council have agreed with MGRA that they will implement a replacement programme in Jan to April 2014 and the list shows the locations for these replacement trees which total 39. The replacements will be planted in suitable locations not necessarily in the exact spot where the trees were removed.

As a residents association we are conscious of the sensitivity of tree removals and the aesthetic beauty which the trees give to our living environment.  While some residents will argue for their retention, as your RA we are also conscious that by far the largest number of complaints received from you in recent years, relate to the nuisance factors associated with the large trees, and the resulting complaints from broken footpaths caused by their roots.

It is a fact that these large trees were never suitable for a housing estate and as they mature their roots are growing out of the ground, threatening their stability and in some instances breaking into the drains with flood potential.

Residents have rightly brought their concerns to us, that their removal will leave the tree lined roads lacking in their asthetic beauty, but we actually talking about 32 trees out of 600 and these are being replaced by 39 trees which will be planted Jan-Apr 2014.

We expect that as the removals will be carried out in a phased basis that the impact to the estate will be minimised. We ask for your cooperation with this Tree Care Programme which is the first to be implemented in Marley Grange Estate for many years.

For a list of tree removals and replacements see the the following excel file – List of Trees for Removal and Replacement (Excel File)

Marley Grange Residents Association Committee.              7th April 2013                                      Email:



  1. david lorigan says

    Marley Avenue now looks like a smile that has had a good number of its teeth knocked out. The policy of knocking healthy trees is an absolute disgrace. I assume that whatever replacements arrive will be saplings. DLRCC are budget driven a dont give a curse about the asthetics of Marley Grange, its the equivalent of extracting a tooth because its cheaper than paying for root canal work. Residents of Marley Grange should also be aware that what makes this estate different to many other estates (and therefore properties more valuable) is in fact the beautiful trees. Ten of the “replacements” are going on the lower green, cheap and easy. I dont believe that I am the only resident who feels this way