Marley Grange Tree Program Update April 2014

Tree Care Programme 2014

 As outlined in our communique of April 2013 Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council put forward a Tree Care Programme (TCP) for Marley Grange Estate in 2013.

This was to be a five year programme, commencing in 2013, during which all the trees within our estate, which number approx 600, would be Crown Lifted (pruned), with a number of trees removed as determined by the Councils’ listed criteria. The Council promised a replacement programme for the removed trees, to prevent a reduction in tree numbers within our Estate.

Our communique of 2013, was accompanied by a comprehensive listing of the locations by road and house number, of the proposed removals and replacements and we now attach our updated list for April 2014.

This shows that while the original number of removals was to be 32, the actual number removed was 37, due to 2 trees in Dargle Valley being omitted from the original listing, 2 trees on Marley Drive being blown down in the recent storms, and 1 tree in Dargle Drive, removed by the Council due to storm damage.

This updated listing also confirms that the replacement programme as promised by the Council to take place Jan-Mar 2014, is now completed and the actaul number of replacements is 55 compared to the promised number last year of 39.

During 2013, the Councils’ Phasing of this programme, concentrated their efforts on Crown Lifting and the removal of overhanging branches, to Marley Avenue & Marley Drive. The Council also completed this work on Marley Lawn in Dec. 2013. For 2014 they will continue on Marley Close, Villas, Walk and Grove. For 2015 they will concentrate on the Manor & Highfield Areas and in 2016 Grange Court.

If any Resident has a particular problem with overhanging or low brances from Council Trees, please email us and we will endeavour to deal with your problem through the Council. It should be noted that it is an offence to prune or remove branches from Council trees. The Councils’ Policy on this for anyone deciding to cut branches from Council trees, is to recover the cost of any resultant damage from the offending party. The actual Councils Strategy Policy is below.

It should also be noted that the Councils’ strategy to remove diseased, and unsuitable trees such as the large Sugar Maples, while not yet complete, will involve a small number of trees to be removed in their 2014 programme. It is the intention to survey the estate in the next couple of weeks to determine this number and we will update you on our web as soon as this information is available.

While the Tree Care Programme, may not be to all residents satisfaction or agreement, we are pleased with the fact that, all promises made by DLRCC to us as your Residents Association have been implemented to date.  As we move into the second year of this programme, we will continue to work with the Council to ensure that that the Tree Lined Roads of Marley Grange Estate, will continue to be something which we can all be proud of.

The Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Strategy document is available here: DLR Co. Co. Strategy Document

The Tree Care 2014 Replacement details are available in excel format in this link Tree-Care-2014Replacements31Mar (1):