Laurelmere Cottage – Marlay Demense

Update: For those who are interested. For the next few days the Nation wide program on Laurelmere Cottage is available on the RTE Player.

The Irish Architecture Foundation organised Open House Dublin 2014 on 17th-19th October, when 120 houses of heritage importance in Dublin were opened to the Public.  As part of this Open House the newly restored Laurelmere Lodge in Marlay Demense was opened for public viewing for the first time. This building, the last surviving gate lodge on the 247 acre historic Marlay Demense has been splendidly restored under the direction of the Architectural Department of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Co Co by master craftsmen from contractor Dunwoody and Dobson.

Those of us who managed to visit, could appreciate the splendid work and professionalism of this restored facility, which will be the new HQ of the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland with a dedicated library and public meeting rooms. The RHSI will move into Laurelmere in December, where they will run their Garden School, offering courses in horticulture as well as developing herb and other planted gardens to surround Laurelmere.

Many of us have seen this historical building decaying over the past 35 years and shamefully nothing being done to prevent part of our heritage going to ruin. However with the revenue generated from the Marlay Park Concerts, it has been possible for the Council to provide the finance to restore Laurelmere, and at the same time, provide this new HQ for the RHSI in the very suitable location of Marlay Park.

Laurelmere Lodge Open Day 2 Open Day Oct 2014