Seipeal agus Scoil an Bhriathair Dhiaga

We have new signs placed at the entrance of the estate and on Marley Avenue pointing to the Divine Word Church and School. They are in English and Irish and are very visible. You would be amazed at the work involved in getting a sign in place between engineers/construction workers/designers/metal craft.
A welcome addition to those lost on the way to the church or school!



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  1. Morris Dowling says

    Hi Committee

    In junction with the DLRCoco as per their own website below
    would it be possible to get and add a few more of these “Caution Children” signs along the route from the Grange Road to the School and vice versa.
    We appear to get a number of non local residents at school times rushing in or out of the estate, and I believe a couple more signs placed along the route, on existing lamp poles or other road sign poles, such as “Yield” signs might be a good idea.
    I welcome your thoughts on this.

    Kind Regards
    Morris Dowling
    P.S. Keep up the good unrecognised work which you do, as I know as a matter of personal experience.